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March 4, 2016

UX/UI Design

March 2016

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A breakthrough advance in therapy area profiling…

Designed exclusively for the life sciences industry, LiveSights is a unique business intelligence platform that gives you live insights into any area of therapy – instantly and in real time.

What is LiveSights?
The LiveSights Therapy Area Intelligence Platform allows you to access business-critical intelligence on experts, clinical trials and scientific publications, instantly and in real time. It can be deployed in any area of therapy, providing you with dependable intelligence in days instead of months.

How does LiveSights work?
Using cutting-edge web technologies, LiveSights curates, aggregates and segments publically available information and presents it back to you in a user-friendly online interface. It accelerates decision making and eliminates the need for time-consuming desk-based research. And because LiveSights presents information gathered in the public domain, you can be confident that your business intelligence is always up to date, free from bias and data protection-compliant.


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